Vic Cortes



A passionate man who has a goal to restore faith in humanity. Inspired by his treatment in 2013, Vic Cortes is trained to be one of the best Scalp Micropigmentation technicians in the industry. With the SMP treatments he has gone through, he understands people who went through the same. It motivates him to help men and women who suffer from scars in the scalp, alopecia, complete baldness, and other hair loss issues. His unique treatment and non-surgical approach to solve hair loss problem made him one of the most outstanding in the field of hair scalp pigmentation.
Vic has helped to bring back confidence of his clients around the world. He never fails to perform and deliver amazing results for them. He understands the importance of having a connection with his clients to know what they are going through, and build a strong bond with them.
Vic Cortes offers free consultation, so feel free to reach out and get a detailed answer to your questions regarding the process of Scalp Micropigmentation. 

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